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RX 560 XT 8G Video Graphic Card GPU Refurbished Lexindar for AMD Radeon Gaming 580 Mining Computer PC Parts Components In Stock


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  • RGB: No
  • Overclocked: No
  • Video Memory Capacity: 8GB
  • Interface Type: PCI Express 3.0 X16
  • Memory Clock(Mhz): 1750MHz
  • Chipset Manufacturer: AMD
  • Memory Interface: 256 Bit
  • Video Memory Type: GDDR5
  • Output Interface Type: DisplayPort x 3
  • Cooler Type: Double fan
  • Model Number: RX 560 XT
  • GPU Model: Radeon RX 560XT
  • Power Connector: 6pin
  • Rated Power: 95W
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand Name: yd miner


Here are the important things you need to know before you place an order. If you don’t agree with them , you can have a look at other products in our store.

1. The product was refurbished from mining used graphic cards. But with strict selection and test.

2. The price is NOT duty-free. You may need to pay for the import taxes by yourselft. We can provide all the helps you need.

The Best Gaming Performance for 60 W Power Consumption

The RX 560 XT is a Chinese market-only graphic card. Featured with 1792 shading units and 8 Gigabytes of VRAM, the graphic cards provide a gaming experience between GTX 1050ti and GTX 1060 6g. About 80-90 percent performance of an RX580 2048SP.

The best thing about the RX 560 XT is the unmatched power-saving gaming experience.
The TDP of the graphic card is 95w(Tested on AMD official software), you can only reach it when you use stress test software like furmark. In most circumstances. The power consumption is lower than 60w. (Tested on AMD official software), about half of its big brother RX580’s 120w.

100 % Real Gaming Test

GPU-Z Details

The GPU Z screenshot is for your reference only. The details like VRAM brands may be different from actual product.

2 Colors For Option

We provide 2 colors for you to select now, you can choose the color based on your computer case style.

What PSU should I use for RX560 XT?

RX560 XT is a power-saving graphic card, the TDP of RX560 XT is about 95w. The power consumption is lower than 60w.

However, continuous power and peak power are different things. The peak power of the whole system may need 3 times more than its original TDP. We recommend using the PSU which 12v output is over 300w.

Most of the so-called “300w” PSUs on the market can’t really provide 300w output for the system.

A power supply that doesn’t provide enough or clean power can cause many mysterious problems, including instability such as random resets and freezes or just simply can’t turn on the computer.

Know the Real Max Output of Your PSU

The components that consume the most power are the GPU and CPU, they both hungered for 12 v output. Other parts like motherboards, hard drives, and keyboards don’t consume much power.

So, when we talked about a PSU’s maximum power, we usually talk about the 12v output.
For the best PSU manufacturers, the maximum 12 v output wattage is very close to the claimed total PSU wattage.

For example, this is the label from one of our 750w bronze series PSU. The maximum load of the 12v output rail is 12Vx54A=744W. This is a real 750w PSU.

For some of sneaky sellers or manufacturers, they always trying to do tricks on the label trying to cheat you and making you believe you bought a good PSU.

As the simple physic law, P= UI, its maximum 12v output is 12Vx23A=276w, that’s only less than half of the 600w it claimed. From what we know, even that 276w could be also fake, so the real power may only have 200w. That’s only one-third of the 600w it claimed. No wonder why the GPU won’t work.

Here is another so-called ‘600w’PSU provided by our customer, we can check the label and see its real max wattage.

Please Check Your PSU’s 12V Output Wattage Before You Buy!

The minimum request is 300w, if you don’t sure about will your PSU work or not, please take a picture and let us help you with the compatibility issue.

Listing Work in Progress.

We are now updating this link. You can make orders as usual. We will have more information and a test video in a few days. If you want to know more, please come back a few days later. But you are always welcome to ask us directly.


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