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RX580 8G 2048 SP Video Graphic Card GPU Refurbished Lexindar Seleted Series for AMD Gaming Mining Computer PC Parts Components In Stock


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  • RGB: No
  • Overclocked: No
  • Video Memory Capacity: 8GB
  • Interface Type: PCI Express 3.0 X16
  • Memory Clock(Mhz): 1500MHz
  • Package: YES
  • Chipset Manufacturer: AMD
  • Memory Interface: 256 Bit
  • Video Memory Type: GDDR5
  • Output Interface Type: HDMI 1.4 x 3
  • Cooler Type: Double fan
  • Model Number: RX 580
  • GPU Model: Radeon RX 580 2048SP
  • Power Connector: 8pin
  • Rated Power: 150W
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand Name: yd miner
  • Color: black
  • Video Memory Capacity: 8GB
  • Product Name: RX580
  • GPU: AMD
  • Memory Type: GDDR6
  • Size: 32.5×19.5x8cm


This link will NOT attend any kind of event or sale. This is the final price we offer. You don’t have to wait for the sale like an anniversary to place an order.

We never cheat our customers, everything you see from our listing is real including pictures, specs, and most importantly, the reviews. All of them are real.

Here are the important things you need to know before you place an order. If you don’t agree with them, you can have a look at other products in our store.

1. The product was refurbished from mining used graphic cards. But with strict selection and tests.

2. The price is NOT duty-free. You may need to pay for the import taxes by yourself. We can provide all the helps you need.

3. Now we have different GPU chips RX 470 480 570, we may ship them randomly.

Only Pay for Performance

After selling more than three thousand used graphic cards on AliExpress, it’s getting harder and harder for us to find the same graphic cards on the market. In this case, we must pay more for the second-hand graphic card, so if we keep selling the earlier model we will have to raise the price.

But we think it’s not fair for our customers like you to pay extra only for the better looks. What you deserve is a fantastic graphic card with a great cost-performance rate.

So, we did a bit of search, and as a result. We found several different popular models, you may see them from other sellers before. But, we can be assured that our price is very competitive

Buying through multiple resources is very important for us to keep the price reasonable.

Do Less but Better

Sometimes, doing more does not always make things better.

We found some problems when we sell the graphic cards.

Just like other sellers from Aliexpress. In the beginning, we use a standard refurbishing process including cleaning PCB with liquid solvents and re-paint the heatsink.

These procedures will make the cards looks new and shiny, but they will decrease the performance and stability of the graphic card.

We Stopped Use Solvent or Water to Clean the PCB

From our experience, a completely dust-free second-hand graphic card can be washed with liquids like chemical solvents or even regular soap water.

This process can cause damage to the graphic card and make them unstable and cause potential problems.

So, we decided not to use solvent but a compressed air blower to clean the PCB, the PCB may be a little bit dustier and have more residue than before, but it will definitely perform better and last much longer.

Original State Heatsink

We do not paint the heatsink anymore, because the painted heatsink may cause the performance drop significantly.

Now, we just replace the thermal pads and apply new thermal paste.

You may see the the heatsink with scrathes or dust, but you will definately have better heat performance than before.

Model A features 1 DVI interface, 3 DP interfaces, 1 HDMI interface and an 8-pin power connector.

Model B has 3 DP interfaces, 1 HDMI interface and a 6-pin power connector.

Model C has 1 DVI interface, 1 DP interface and 1 HDMI interface with an 8-pin power connector. Most D models are 570 chips.

Model D has 2 DP interfaces and 1 HDMI interface with a 8-pin power connector. The heatsink was re-painted, but the fans and the frame are new.

Model E has 1 DVI interface, 1 DP interface and one HDMI interface with a 6-pin power connector.

Model F has 3 DP interfaces, one HDMI interface with a 6-pin power connector.

Model G has 1 DVI interface, 3 DP interfaces and 1 HDMI interface with a 6-pin power connector.

Model H has 3 DP interfaces, 1 HDMI with a 6-pin power connector.

Lexindar classic has 1 DVI interface, 1 DP interface and 1 HDMI interface with an 8-pin power connector.

Hand Picked and Refurbished by Top Graphic Card Factory ONLY

After years of 24/7 mining jobs. The situation of graphic cards can be extremely bad and beyond repair. Those cards are very dangerous and even can literally burn your precious computer.

You know most of the mining graphic cards are in China, millions of them. But what you don’t know is the main source of cheap electric power comes from North-West China’s coal power plant with cool dry weather and South-West China’s water power plant with a warm wet environment.

Obviously, the warm and wet weather is not friendly for graphic cards, Even the cards from South-West China are much cheaper, but they can get rusty and easily stop working.

We only choose high-quality cards from dry North-West China, hand-picked and strictly tested by our experienced engineers.

Then we handle the cards to one of the biggest graphic card manufacturers.
From there, we clean the dirty, change the broken or worn-out parts and replace them with new replacements.

Finally, after a long time, stability tests with strict standards just like every new graphic card did. We pack the cards with care and make them ready for you.

What PSU should I use for RX580?

RX580 2048 SP is a graphic card that needs lots of power. The TDP of RX580 only has around 100-150w.

However, continuous power and peak power are different things. The peak power of the whole system may need much more than its original TDP. The recommend minimal power recommendation by AMD is at least 500w.

But most of the so-called ‘500w’ PSUs on the market can’t really provide 500w output for the system.

A power supply that doesn’t provide enough or clean power can cause many mysterious problems, including instability such as random resets and freezes or just simply can’t turn on the computer.

Know the Real Max Output of Your PSU

The components that consume the most power are the GPU and CPU, they both hungered for 12 v output. Other parts like motherboards, hard drives, and keyboards don’t consume much power.

So, when we talked about a PSU’s maximum power, we usually talk about the 12v output.
For the best PSU manufacturers, the maximum 12 v output wattage is very close to the claimed total PSU wattage.

For example, this is the label from one of our 750w bronze series PSU. The maximum load of the 12v output rail is 12Vx54A=744W. This is a real 750w PSU.

For some of sneaky sellers or manufacturers, they always trying to do tricks on the label trying to cheat you and making you believe you bought a good PSU.

Here is another so-called ‘600w’PSU provided by our customer, we can check the label and see its real max wattage.

As the simple physic law, P= UI, its maximum 12v output is 12Vx23A=276w, that’s only less than half of the 600w it claimed. From what we know, even that 276w could be also fake, so the real power may only have 200w. That’s only one-third of the 600w it claimed. No wonder why the GPU won’t work.

Please Check Your PSU’s 12V Output Wattage Before You Buy!

The minimum request is 500w, if you don’t sure about will your PSU work or not, please take a picture and let us help you with the compatibility issue.

Shipping and Services

1. We usually ship the packet within 24 hours, except on holidays

2. If you have any questions, about logistics, declaration, or the product itself. please feel free to contact us

3. We provide a 3-year warranty on all of our graphics cards. But you can’t use them for mining.


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